Underlays are recommended for any floor if you want to:

  • Impact sound insulation – Cork is considered by many floor specialists as one of the best materials for reducing impact sound, TVS can supply a range of underlays that are designed to deliver the best acoustic performance for each type of flooring available on the market.
  • Reflected walking sound insulation – The noise generated inside a room by floor traffic is one of the major concerns in most commercial high-traffic areas. Surfaces that incorporate cork underlays have high sound absorption, reducing considerably the percentage of perceived noise.
  • Levelling out uneven areas – The use of TVS underlays will remove minor deviations of the sub-floor.
  • Protection of joining system – TVS underlays are engineered to prevent damage to the tongue and groove system in case of static loads.
  • Thermal insulation – Cork has excellent thermal properties, and its ability to maintain constant temperatures makes cork-based underlays great materials to be used to achieve high thermal resistance values.
  • Protection against substrate moisture – Mineral substrates can result in residual moisture, which can damage floor surfaces. To address this, TVS recommends installing a water vapour barrier that can prevent vapour diffusion.

Below you can download data sheets of three different Acousticork materials:

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